Top Ten Oldest Mothers in the World

Top Ten Oldest Mothers in the World
(Women who gave birth at their very old ages)

Nature has systems of events we considers as norms but some people have lived to defy its odds. Some by luck, often by chances and others by coincidence, man have seen or experienced the supposed impossible becoming possible in their lifetime. We all hear of menopause and haste to marriage to beat the line. Whereas, without menopause and even at early marriage some women still are barren. If you say all these speaks for natural inequalities among descendants of Adam, we might be forced to agree with you in our world of incredible wonders. But giving birth at certain ages could just be too unbelievable, not removing that the struggles of pregnancies and childcare can be daunting at old ages. Believe it or not, some women have done and some are still doing it. However, most prominent and renowned among the old aged mothers of newbies are the ones we have compiled to share with you thus;

1- Rajo Devi Lohan

This woman from India got our first spot of the ten. She set the record for being the world’s oldest mother when she gave birth to her daughter, Naveen in 2008. More than a decade ago and she still sit in the top spot list of this series. This shows you how unbelievable childbirth at her could be.

  • She was 69 as at the said time when she became a mother for the first time following IVF treatments. Report has it that she almost lost her life to the complications of child delivery. Guess what?! The mother has sworn not to die until she get her daughter married when she turns 15.

 Incredible you say?!  Maybe that is an understatement.


2- Daljinder Kaur

I think we all have to give it to India for their unimaginable magic, tricks and sweet twists. But of course unbelievable stuffs as these are beyond artificial magic and tricks.  

Maybe mystery would be a better qualification. Kaur, a woman who claimed to be seven years younger than her husband of 79 as at the time of parturition gave birth to a baby boy in 2016. 

This is after the couple have been married for 46 years, and were unable to conceive. This is better termed the wonder of ‘near jubilee’. Right?! 


3- Omkari Panwar.

A couple’s search for a male heir who would take charge of their family properties finally ended in an uncommon wonder. Omkari Panwar had already given birth to two daughters and she had five grandchildren, but she and her husband were still desperate for a son.

 She decided to pursue IVF in her late sixties and finally her wish became a reality in 2008 at age 70. Guess what? She gave birth to a twin of a boy and a girl both weight 2bs apiece. Their investment paid off as the couple had to take bank loans as well as exhaust their life saving to have IVF treatment.  


4- Adriana Iliescu

Adriana was 66 when she got pregnant in 2005. Her thirst for a child was termed lot of odious names by religious leaders and ethnical groups.

Although she has been unable to conceive naturally and had always underwent fertility treatment for not less than nine years, she finally became pregnant with triplets. Sadly two of the fetuses died in the womb but her daughter Eliza made it to life weighting about 3Ibs. Eliza, although had to be kept in intensive care units to recover, she did just right and grew up healthy. 

Adriana later spoke of her own decision to get pregnant late in life.  


5- Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara.

There are twists and controversies as long as her name to her childbirth. Maria had travelled from Spain to the US to undergo IVF treatment but lied about her age in order to be eligible for the treatment at $35,000. She also didn’t inform her family of her decision to go for the treatment as she deemed it controversial due to her age. 

Finally, she gave birth twin boys at 66, making her the oldest mother in 2006. Things sadly take the sour turn as she was diagnosed with cancer not long after the birth. She wouldn’t stay long as promised herself to live until 101 like her own mother but succumb to the illness in 2009. The two boys, Christian and Pau ended up being brought up by other family members.


6- Elizabeth “Lizzie”Adeney.

Although a successful businesswoman, she had own bitter sweet feelings with childbirth. A couple years of unsuccessful IVF treatments but she later travelled to Ukraine for another rounds in 2009 because UK doesn’t treat women over 50 years. 

Guess what? She met her luck to become the oldest woman to give birth in UK in 2009 at 66 although through a caesarean section. A lot of criticism shortly surrounded her childbirth but she shrug them all off that it doesn’t interest her to become the oldest mother in UK, neither does she have to defend her decision to become pregnant at her age to anybody. ‘It’s between me and my baby and no one else’. She said.


7- Annegret Raunigk.

This German woman made major headlines at 65 in 2015 when she gave birth to a quadruplets. The most intriguing twist to her story is that she already had 13 children between the ages of 10 and 44 as at the time. 

Her quadruplets were conceived via IVF amidst criticism from doctors who weren’t sure her body would cope with strain of further childbirth. It is really incredible how the three boys and one girl still manage to be healthy despite being born at 26 weeks and weighting as much as a bag of sugar each.


8- Harriet Stole.

Late child birth seem to attract a lot of controversies. The same was the case with Harriet Stole. The North Londoner became a mother at 66 in 1999, only serving as a surrogate mother for her daughter-in-law who had been unable to give birth naturally. 

Following an IVF treatment, doctors implanted a fertilized egg from her adult son and his wife Lucy into her own uterus. The process was a success and Thomas was born eight months into the pregnancy. The child’s name probably summarized the disbelief in the exercise until it’s real. Harriet simply gave birth to her grandson and decided to stay out of the public eye as she refused to give interviews during the pregnancy.


9- Memnune Tiryaki.

It happened in Turkey too. Memnune became the oldest mother in Turkey in year 2016 at age 64 while her husband Omer (62) had been trying to conceive for 35 unsuccessful years. 

They had to try IVF, receiving eggs from a donor and matching with Omer’s sperm to give birth to their own son. Although relatives told them it was a fake pregnancy in disbelief, the baby was finally born to life and the couples were so delighted to have defy some odds of childbirth.


10- Haya Shahar.

46 years of marriage and no child, that’s what summarized the union between Haya and Shmuel. IVF treatment then spared the union blushes when Haya was 65. 

A baby boy was finally given birth to, although via Caesarean session. It was however unsure whether the IVF treatment was done in Isreal or outside the country as it is illegal to have such treatment after 54 in Israel. 

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